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» 100% Confidential Phone Calls: Sessions are completely confidential and calls are not recorded.

» Flexible and Extended Hours: Our coaches are available 7a.m. - 7p.m. Mon. - Fri. and Sat. 9a.m. - 2p.m. EST. No long waiting lists.

» Convenient and Accessible: Sessions in your own private space using a phone line, making coaching accessible for most.

» No Contracts or Long-term Commitments:
Sessions are pay-as-you-go or choose a monthly non-contract plan.

» Low Cost: Life coaching online and mentoring sessions are more affordable than standard coaching rates. We charge $78 per session with a professional certified coach while most coaches charge $200+ to give you the same results. We provide discounted and reduced rates for high-quality coaching. Cheap life coaching online with maximum effectiveness.

» Solutions in 30 Minutes: Our certified online life coaches will create an action plan in 30 minutes so you can begin implementing quickly.

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Why Choose An AimSetGo Private Online Coach?

Welcome to AimSetGo [private online coaching], the fervent champions of you. We are an online life coaching company based in Raleigh NC serving the triangle area and nationwide. Our private online coaches know you’re brimming with personal and professional desires, goals, strengths and talents, even if you haven’t completely identified them; even if they’ve not been properly acknowledged and optimized; even if you’re not so sure that you’re “brimming” with anything but uncertainty these days. Relax; you’re human. And we are too, so we’re off to a good start.

From here we’ll ask, we’ll listen, we’ll care. We’ll discover what moves you and why, what holds you back and why. We’ll join you in envisioning new opportunities and planning relevant, attainable goals. And with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and authentic optimism, your online life coach and mentor coach will direct, empower and embolden you to achieve them.

Benefits of Having a Private Online Life Coach|Life Coach Online

There are many reasons to hire a professional online life coach along with great benefits of having an online coach. A private life coach creates action plans and holds you accountable to achieving your goals. Private online life coaches take you to the next level and get you out of your comfort zone so you can reach that level. Private certified coaches help to boost your self confidence and increase your communication skills along with your productivity. An online coach will help to increase your quality of life and maximize your happiness by being an accountability partner. Most people who give online life coaching a try find it very beneficial to their success.

Is Online and Phone Coaching (distance coaching) Effective?

Yes. online life coaching and phone coaching also called distance coaching is as effective as face-to-face coaching. On some levels it is more effective as client can remain anonymous and therefore more willing to be more honest and forthcoming. Clients also like that it's cost effective with inexpensive rates since they don't need to meet in an office. Due to this AimSetGo offers high quality but low cost life coaching online for all. Life coaching online and phone coaching also makes coaching more accessible.

What Coaching Goals Are You Looking to Achieve?


 » Find career passion

 » Boost productivity

 » Balance work life

 » Build self-esteem

 » Boost communication skills

 » Improve decision making

Do you just need a nonjudgmental individual as a sounding board? Well if so, choose one of our affordable online life coaches to increase your personal and professional developmental goals.



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Private Coaching via Online + Phone Coaching | Affordable Life Coaching and Mentoring 

We are online life coaches who can help you achieve your personal and professional goals much faster than you would on your own. Due to our training and professional background, we are goal achievement experts. We take a holistic approach so that we treat our coaching clients as a whole and get to the root of your problem. We also implement the solution-focused approach. Rather than focusing on the problem, we focus on the solution to quickly help to meet your personal life and professional career coaching goals. 

Choose one of our virtual online life coaches as your accountability partner and we will guide, support and motivate you along the way. If you would like to trial a free coaching session, we offer a free first coaching session to new clients. This is a great way to work with an online  life coach for free. Hire an affordable life coach online now.

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