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By: | May 03, 2018

You have decided to become a life coach. This means you are in a unique position to leverage your own talents to help your clients hone and develop their untapped talents in order to become successful at the areas of life that matter most to the client you are involved with coaching. However, the thought of conducting and structuring a life coaching session that will impart genuine positive change to your client's situation will require a little work on your part. If you are ready to face this challenge, it is time to push forward and identify what will be an effective method for achieving your central goal here.

Step 1: The Introduction

Every life coaching session begins with some kind of introduction. This is your opportunity to greet yo...

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By: | March 10, 2018

As a new life coach practitioner on a tight budget, building a coaching practice requires various business tools and resources. Without them, it will be difficult to organize your business and secure new clients. But with them, you can establish your business with professionalism and organization while building a list of clients that will not only make you successful, but effective as a life coach practitioner.

Some of these tools are completely free, so they can be used without making a purchase first. However, there are are some resources that offer free trials, which allow you to get started using them right away- but they require an initial investment after the trial. This will allow you to establish your services on a low budget, allo...

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By: | March 04, 2018

As a life coach, it's essential that you have a clear marketing strategy to help you build your clientele and keep them coming back. The problem is that many life coaches aren't business people. Fortunately, you don't have to be a marketing genius to land clients for your services. There are many simple marketing strategies that you can execute in order to start generating clients in a short period of time. Here are a few you can implement even if you don't have much marketing experience.

1. Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Is there a strong reason why your prospect should choose you over a different life coach? If not, it's time to come up with a unique selling proposition. A unique selling proposition is a unique trait, feature, or b...

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By: | February 25, 2018

Life coaching can be a rewarding and lucrative career. The concept of a life coach is fairly new, but the idea is growing in popularity across the globe. Life coaches assist clients with the process of setting and achieving goals or making difficult changes. They serve as a resource and accountability partner for their clients.

Life coaching is a great career option for someone who is organized, a good listener, and passionate about helping others. However, becoming a good coach isn't the only requirement for a successful launch. Your coaching practice is a business and you must have the skills to manage the finance, marketing, and strategy side of the coin as well. Here are a few tips for launching and maintaining your coaching business:


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