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Should I Become a Life Coach? Quiz

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As life coaching becomes increasingly popular, many people are considering transitioning into the life coaching field. However, life coaching is still a fairly new field and many are unsure if life coaching is the right career choice for them. They wonder whether or not they possess the right coaching skills, the challenges they may face or simply if they will make good life coaches.

There is a lot that goes into making the decision of whether or not to become a life coach but start by taking our free Should I Become A Life Coach quiz. This quiz provides insight and skills needed to become a professional life coach. After completion, a life coach mentor will review your quiz and follow-up with a free sample session. If you want to explore more about the life coaching career and all that it entails, a mentor coach will help you do just that. As expected, you probably have many questions and concerns. For information on coaching and how to start a coaching business, visit our coaching blog.

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Sorry but the life coaching career may not be for you. You need strong skills to be a successful life coach


You have some of the qualities needed to become a life coach but you need help with strengthening some skill areas to become a successful life coach.


You definitely have what it takes to become a life coach. Speak with one of our certified life coaches and get mentored during your coaching journey

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