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Who is the free life coaching consult for?

The pro bono life coach session and consult is for perspective coaching clients who are interested in a certified life coach to propel them with their personal and professional goals. This session can be used to get a better understanding of what life coaching entails without paying big bucks. If you want to continue life coaching, we offer affordable life coaching fees for those on a budget.

This session is also for future or new life coaches wanting the professional guidance of a free mentor coach. Mentoring coaching fees are very expensive so take advantage of this free mentor coaching session with a certified life coach. If you want to continue with mentor coaching after free coaching session, we offer low cost mentor coaching.

What's included in life coaching consult?

The free Life & Career Consult is a 20-minute session via phone and includes a consultation and mini-coaching session with a certified life coach.

What to expect during free life coaching consult?

The free coaching session, also called sample coaching session is aimed at assessing the client's readiness for coaching. In this session, your coach will assess if you are ready to make changes, improve self-awareness and make a commitment. This is also to determine if coaching is an appropriate method as opposed to a therapeutic approach such as psychotherapy. If so, we will refer you to such or other appropriate alternatives. In addition, this session is to determine if coach and client are compatible.

If the coach thinks the client is better suited with another coach, the coach will make that known and make an appropriate referral. During the free coaching session, you will be coached on one topic of your choice. At the end of the free coaching starter session, you will be provided with an action plan.

What happens after life coaching consult?

After your free coaching session, you are not obligated to continue with coaching. If you decide that you want to continue with coaching, you may purchase ongoing coaching.

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