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Life Coaching Descriptions and Life Coaching Questions: What Is Life Coaching?

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Do I need a life coach? Life coach job

Are you feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, under-productive or indecisive? These elements of the human experience can certainly present like stumbling blocks. Or, with a fresh mindset, you can view them as building blocks. We specialize in mindset.

Good partners lift and lead people to define and achieve their goals by keeping them engaged, enlightened, motivated, on track and thinking from fresh perspectives. And millions of people worldwide have renewed their confidence, faith and happiness in themselves, their work, their lives and their relationships with the help of experienced personal life and career coaches — their partners on the life building journey.

If you’re searching for a sense of confidence, purpose, direction and positive change in your personal or professional life, you’re in excellent company. Nobody finds it without paying attention to it. And having a partner in this attention will boost your likelihood of success.

Take the brief "Do I Need A Life Coach?" quiz and find out if you're a good candidate for coaching. This free life coaching quiz provides insight into both the areas where you excel and the areas where coaching can help you to shine. One of our certified coaches will follow up with a free consultation to review your results and evaluate your suitability for coaching.

What is life coaching? Life coaching description

Life coaching is a client-centered partnership between coach and client designed to help clients reach goals, maximize potential and enhance quality of life through the use of powerful coaching questions and coaching tools.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach takes you from where you are to where you desire. We are here to motivate and hold you accountable to reaching your goals. Life coaches partner with you to help you reach your highest potential.

Why do you need a life coach? What to expect from a life coach?

No one really needs a life coach but here are the top reasons why most people choose a life coach:

  • To find solutions to a problem
  • To achieve goals that seem out of reach
  • To become motivated
  • To reach their fullest potential
  • To find life's purpose & direction
  • To improve self esteem-confidence
  • To have an accountability partner
  • To enhance quality of life
  • To grow career or business
  • To live a more fulfilling life

Is life coaching like therapy, counseling or consulting? Life coach vs therapist

Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on the present and the future. If a client is diving too much into the past, the coach will revert client back to present. Life coaching is about taking action steps and finding solutions to change an area in your present and future life. Unlike consultants or counselors, life coaches are not the experts. In coaching, the client is the expert. Life coaches believe the client has all the answers within and we as coaches help to facilitate answers by asking powerful questions and using coaching tools.

Can life coaching be harmful? 

No. The client is ultimately responsible for his or her actions. A life coach does not give advice but rather provide positive guidance and direction so that the client can increase self awareness and able to formulate their own answers. The pace, focus and outcome of coaching sessions are client-driven.

Why do I need a life coach if I am already successful? Benefits of life coaching

There is a common misconception that life coaching is for people who are lazy or in crisis. Not true. You might be successful but that does not mean you are living the life you want. You might not feel happy or fulfilled. Life coaches help you to live your best life and facilitate positive changes.

What qualifications do you need to become a life coach?

Life coaching is currently an unregulated field in US so you do not need to have a license or be certified in order to call yourself a life coach. It is the clients' responsibility to inquire about the qualification of their coach prior to working with them.

Is the coaching process confidential?

Any coaching done within our practice is 100% confidential. We value and take your privacy seriously. We also follow the code of ethics set forth by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

How coaching works? Life coaching process + structure

The life coaching process begins before your sessions. Prior to all coaching sessions, you must complete a coaching log (preparation coaching form). The coaching plan outlines gains and challenges from prior week as well as session topic of next session. The coaching plan will help your coach be prepared for the session. During the session, the coach will guide client and formulate solutions. At the end of the session, the coach and client will set goals, create action plans and sometimes the coach will provide homework for client. When the session is completed, the client is to complete a follow-up. The follow-up provides client feedback from the session and clients can also ask additional questions that they may have forgotten to ask during their session. You can contact us to inquire more about the life coaching process/structure. 

Where does the coaching session take place? Online life coaching

Coaching sessions are accessible virtually (phone and online) nationwide and globally. We primarily conduct our coaching sessions via phone.

What is the typical length of a coaching session?

Life coaching sessions usually ranges from 30-60 minutes. Some coaches offer laser coaching (intensely focusing on one specific topic) which lasts from 5-20 minutes. offers 30 minute phone sessions because we are able to help our clients break down barriers and find clarity within that time frame.

How long will I need coaching?

This varies by situation and client. Some people are just looking for guidance in the right direction. This will take 1-2 sessions. Some people are looking for guidance in a transitional period in their lives such as divorce, marriage, getting out of long standing debt, etc. This will take between 4-12 sessions, sometimes more. Coaching is not meant to be long standing. Coaching is meant to create an action plan and get the clients ready to operate independently in at least 6 months. We have single sessions and low cost coaching package for those who no longer need regular coaching sessions but still want intermittent guidance.

Areas of life coaching. Life coaching niches + Types of life coaches

Clients come to life coaching to get coached on various areas of life with theses being the most popular areas - 







How much does life coaching cost?

We offer affordable life coaching rates to make coaching cost effective for all. Sessions are 30 minutes and are a flat rate. Check our deals page for discounted or reduced cost coaching. 

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