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Life Skills Coaching

Increase independence with activities of daily living

Are you struggling with managing activities of daily living? Are you looking to maximize function so that you can move forward in life? Life Skills coaching focuses on developing and teaching daily living skills needed to live a quality life.

It is difficult to lose the one who managed the bills, groceries, and homemaking tasks. Now, what do you do? Or how about a young adult going into the world alone for the first time after leaving home. It is difficult to know how to manage daily tasks if your parents did all those things for you.

We have coaches on board that are trained to help individuals to increase independence with their day to day life. We know how to assess goals and how to adapt an individual to their environment.

Life Skills Coaching will help you improve these life skills:

  • Implement strategies to simplify daily tasks
  • Implement adaptive strategies to increase function
  • Utilize programs in your community 
  • Maximize Independence with activities of daily living (cooking, money management, home management, self care, etc 
  • Become self sufficient