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Life Coaching For Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Occupational Therapy Life Coach

Are you considering the OT field and wondering if it's a right fit for you. Are you a new grad and wondering if you are in the best suitable setting for you? Are you an OT veteran but getting burnt out and wondering it's time for a new career? Well we can help because our coaches are also OT practitioners.

OT coaching is for occupational therapists (OT's) or those in helping fields. OT coaching is also for occupational therapists wanting to become life coaches or use life coaching in the OT field. OT coaching will help the OT find direction and purpose in his or her career.

Occupational therapy life coaching will help OT's to:

  • Reduce stress and burnout for a more rewarding career
  • Transition into a new career path/development, retirement or family planning
  • Open a private practice or other businesses
  • Return to OT practice
  • Choose a sub specialty or increase degree (ie. COTA to an OTR)
  • Use coaching in OT practice

Life Coaching Emerging in Occuptional Therapy

Life coaching is an emerging area within occupational therapy due to many similarities between the fields. There is also an influx of occupational therapist becoming life coaches or OT's using coaching as a modality in their private practices. 

To learn more about life coaching or to use it in your practice, contact us.

Faq's For OCccupational Therapy Practitioners

Q: How Does Life Coaching and Occupational Therapy Comapre?

A: Life coaching is an emerging area within occupational therapy. Like occupational therapy, life coaching helps individuals with setting goals and creating action plans to achieve them. Life coaches help clients to gain an awareness which will increase reaching goals and finding solutions. Life coaching and occupational therapy uses a client-centered approached. Like occupational therapy, life coaching is holistic and also uses activities as a modality. But unlike in occupational therapy, life coaches are not the experts but instead the client is. Life coaches believe that the client has the answer within and the coach facilitates the answers by asking powerful though provoking questions along with the use of coaching tools and resources. Life coaches do not give advice but instead provide support, accountability and motivation. Life coaching is not therapy and should not be used as a substitute. Unlike occupational therapy, life coaching is only for mentally stabled and high level clients. There are occupational therapy practitioners who uses coaching skills within their therapy practices and there are life coaches who are therapists who use their therapy background within their life coaching practices. 

Q: How To Become A Life Coach?

A: Life coaching is currently an unregulated field but there are currently various life coaching certification programs. Most life coach training is via online by methods of home study guide, teleconference and online classrooms. Life coach training cost varies from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Most life coaches would recommend some type of training whether formal or informal for proper coaching techniques used to get the best results from clients. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) lists 11 competencies that members must have and occupational therapy practitioners posses most of them.

Q: Is Life Coaching Accepted by Health Insurances?

A: Unlike occupational therapy, life coaching is not an insurance accepted service. But the upside of that is It allows clients to pay privately at whatever rate the life coach chooses. However rate often depends on niche, clientele and demand.