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Life Coach Quiz: Do I Need A Life Coach?

Is Life Coaching Right For Me?

Take this confidential free life coach quiz to find out if life coaching is needed to improve your personal development. In order to get the best results, think about questions and answer honestly. This quiz is for guidance purposes only. With ongoing coaching, we will help you with creating both a professional and personal development plan. If you want a free life coaching session, please check box below at end of coaching quiz. Find out below if life coaching is right for you.






You have good self confidence and a good idea of your desires, passions and direction. Feel free to schedule a free evaluation session to see if there are areas you want to continue to strengthen.


You are almost where you want to be in life but can benefit from coaching to get more insight on the areas you answered no. Contact us for free evaluation session for further assessment.


You can benefit greatly from coaching to increase your self confidence, find direction and live the life you desire. Contact us for a free evaluation session and we can give more insight on your results.